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 Post subject: Production Numbers of Rare Mustangs and Saleens
PostPosted: Wed Jan 28, 2009 1:20 pm 
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Rare Ford Mustangs
Production Number: 1
• 1965 Shelby GT 350 Prototype 289 Engine
• 1968 Shelby EXP- 500 Prototype 428 CJ Conelec EFI
• 1981 Mustang Convertible Mockup Prototype
• 1983 Mustang Convertible Prototype
• 1987 Saleen Coupe (Hardtop) 5.0litre Engine
• 1989 Jack Roush 5.8L Twin-Turbo Prototype
Production Number: 2
• 1965 Shelby GT 350-R 289 CID Engine
• 1985 Saleen Convertibles 5.0 Litre Engine –
• 1993 Wayne County Sheriff’s Prototype Coupes 4.6L Cobra DOHC
• 1994 Saleen SR
Production Number: 3
• 1979 Indy Pace Car T-Tops
• 1984 Saleen Hatchbacks
• 1990 Saleen SE Hatchbacks
• 1991 Saleen Coupes
Production Number: 4
• 1966 Shelby GT 350 Drag Cars 289 CID Engine
• 1966 Shelby GT 350 Convertibles 289 CID Engine
Production Number: 5
• 1992 Saleen Convertibles
Production Number: 6
1985 Predator Convertibles - (1985 Predator Mustang
The 1985 models had the same equipment as the 84 models, but a new wheel was added to remind one of the magnum 500 wheel. It was a 4 spoke Enki Wheel. The R-Models were continued and came standard with a fiber glass hood, under drive pulleys, LeMans stripes, 140 MPH speedometer, a side stripe that said “G.T. 302 R” and 3:73 or 4:10 axle ratios. Other SVO or Motor-Sport parts could be ordered with the car such as Cam, harness seat belts, etc., which was installed only after the car was titled. Some dealers offered an American Racing wheel and a BBS type wheel, also a Walnut 3 spoke steering wheel was a dealer option. There were 135 1985 models built.
• Production Number: 7
• 1978 Monroe Handler Mustangs 302 4v Engine
• 1983 GT-Turbo Convertibles 2.3 Litre Turbo Engine
Production Number: 8
• 1983 Predator Mustang
• 1983 GT Mustang Convertibles 5.0 Litre (Built For Canada)
• 1990 Saleen Coupes
Production Number: 9
• 1965 Shelby GT 350 Drag Cars
• 1991 Saleen SC Hatchbacks
Production Number: 10
• 1980 M81 McLaren Mustangs 1 Black, 1 white, 1 Blue, 7 Orange
• 1995 Saleen SR
Production Number: 11
• 1990 Saleen SC Hatchbacks
Production Number: 12
• 1966 Shelby GT 350 Convertibles, 289
Production Number: 15
• 1999 Saleen SA-15
Production Number: 16
• 1984 20th Anniversary VIP Edition Convertibles
Production Number: 17
• 1992 Saleen Hatchbacks
Production Number: 20
• 1989 Saleen Coupes
Production Number: 24
• 1988 Saleen Coupes
Production Number: 30
• 1991 Saleen Convertibles
Production Number: 34
• 1987 Saleen Convertibles
Production Number: 35
• 1964 1/2 Indy Pace Car Replicas
• 1965 Shelby GT 350-R 289 CID Engine
• 1985 Predator Hardtop
Production Number: 42
• 1985 1/2 SVO Competition Prepared Model 2.3 Turbo
Production Number: 48
• 1994 Saleen S-351
Production Number: 49
• 1994 Saleens V6 Engine
Production Number: 59
• 1991 Saleen Hatchbacks
Production Number: 61
• 1990 Saleen Convertibles
Production Number: 65
• 1990 ASC/McLaren Convertibles 5.0 Litre Engine
Production Number: 83
• 1986 SVO Competition Prepared Model 2.3 Litre Turbo
Production Number: 94
• 1985 Predator T-Tops
Production Number: 100
• 2002 Mustang Cobra
Production Number: 104
• 1984 20th Anniversary 2.3 Litre Turbo Convertibles
Production Number: 107
• 1993 SVT Cobra R
Production Number: 127
• 1995 Saleen S-351
Production Number: 130
• 1984 Predator
1984 Predator Mustang
There were only 8 cars produced in 1983. Five of them were white hatch-backs with 1965 Shelby stripes, which read, “G.T. 350″, 2 read “G.T. 302″, and 1 read “G.T. 302H.” Each car was equipped with a Cobra engine dress up kit with its unique small oval Cobra air cleaner, a Monte Carlo bar, a four point roll cage, a walnut shifter knob, 14 x 6.5 aluminum Shelby 8 spoke wheels with 3 bar knock off spinners, SVO competition suspension, functional hood scoop, competition hood pins & cables and 3:27 axle ratios. There are two aluminum G.T. 350 or G.T. 302 badges on each vehicle; one is located at the rear of the vehicle on the hatch, off set to the right. All of these cars were assembled in Dallas, Texas.

Saleen Mustang History
1984-1993 Saleen Mustang

The first Saleen was built by Steve Saleen, following on concepts, ideas, and experiences he had obtained during his racing career. The original Saleen Mustang, introduced in 1984, received only modifications to the exterior, interior, and suspension, making the car more accepting of the hard corners found in road racing. Only 3 Saleen Mustangs were made in 1984 and they were numbered 31, 51, and 52 to make it seem like they made more than they actually did (I have no idea why). The 1984-1993 Saleens were made mostly from LX Hatchbacks and Convertibles however there were a few LX Coupes made into Saleens, however they are very rare. (3 to be exact: Rarest Ford Mustangs)

As noted above the difference in the 1984-1988 Saleen Mustangs was in it’s handling. The suspension was upgraded to handle road racing type conditions. The exterior and interior were also upgraded to set it’s self apart from a stock LX. 1989 was the first year that Saleen used a modified engine. The new Saleen was named the SSC. The power of the SSC was increased to 292 horsepower and in comparison to the stock 225 horsepower of the Mustang GT, it made a big difference. Out of the 895 Saleen Mustangs made in 1989, 161 were SSCs.

The year 1990 brought a Saleen Mustang with similar modifications as the 1989 model. The SSC was renamed to SC and the high horsepower Saleen received a boost in horsepower to 304hp. A low end Saleen was still offered but the production numbers dropped to 243 for the low horsepower model and only 10 of the SC’s were sold. Virtually nothing changed for the 1991 model year, aside from the fact that production numbers dropped again, this time to 92 of the base model Saleen Mustang, and only 10 of the SC were produced.

1992 was the lowest production numbers of any year since the creation of Saleen, due to a working restructuring during the year. There were only 17 Saleen Mustangs made and no SC’s were made.

Sales numbers went back up in 1993 for the last year of the Fox body style. There were 87 Saleen Mustangs made, 5 of which were Saleen SC’s and 1993 also brought about two special edition Saleen Mustangs. The SA-10 was developed to celebrate the 10 years of Saleen, which were all black with yellow hood stripes. They were custom made, making all nine of them different in some way. Also, in 1993, Steve Saleen made one special Saleen Mustang, named the RRR for Tim Allen. The car was heavily built, and has more work into it than did any other Saleen product at this point. The end result is a brutal 576 horsepower and 527 lb-ft of torque. This RRR is nothing more than a street legal race car and was very expensive to build, around $50,000. (Tim Allen’s Saleen RRR Front & Tim Allen’s Saleen RRR Signature)

1994-1998 Saleen Mustang In 1994 the Ford Mustang got a complete new look from Ford Motor Company and Steve Saleen followed by re-thinking the Saleen Mustang. There was no longer just a suspension and appearance package because all of the Saleens in 1994 received engine modifications. The lowest level Saleen Mustang was named the S-351. Instead of going the route of prior Saleen Mustangs, which used modified versions of the stock Mustang GT engine, the new 371 horsepower S-351 used a different engine from the GT measuring 351 cubic inches, while the stock GT engine in 1994 was only 302 cubic inches. The bigger news of the Saleen stable for 1994 was the SR, which also had the 351, and offered 480 horsepower. Only two SR’s were built, with 44 S-351s made in 1994. There was a very small collection of V6 powered Saleens built in 1994, which received only appearance and suspension upgrades, but they did not receive the numbering or dash plates. This made it hard to differentiate from a non Saleen dressed up 1994 V6 Mustang.

The 1995 Saleen remained relatively the same as 1994 using the name “Speedster”. Offering a range of 371 to 480 horsepower depending on the amount of boost run and the tuning, the Saleen was becoming well known as a car you did not want to mess with on the street or track. 126 S-351’s were made, and 7 SR’s were made in 1995.
In 1996, another new Saleen came out of the Saleen shop, and the name of this new Saleen was the S-281. This new low-end Saleen came equipped with the standard 215 horsepower 4.6L engine found in the Mustang GT’s, and this proved to be a poor man’s Saleen thanks to the price. The stock horsepower of the S-351 jumped to 495 for 1996, but production of the S-351 dropped to just 20. However, with the more affordable S-281 being offered, sales numbers were way up. The S-281 was offered as either a GT or Cobra, and either a coupe or convertible. The production numbers for 1996 S-281s are as follows:
1996 Saleen Mustang S-281 Production Numbers
• Coupe - 191
• Cobra Coupe - 5
• Convertible - 234
• Cobra Convertible - 6
1997 and 1998 saw little change for the Saleen Mustang. The selections offered remained steady with the different variations of the S-281, and the rare S-351. 1998 would mark the end of the SN95 body style, and in 1998, another anniversary edition of the Saleen was offered, this one being named the SA-15. Based off of an S-281, there were only 10 made and like the SA-10, the SA-15 stands out thanks in part to their bright yellow paint scheme. Production numbers for 1997 and 1998 are as follows:
1997 Saleen Mustang S-281 Production Numbers
• Coupe - 113
• Cobra Coupe - 13
• Convertible - 196
• Cobra Convertible - 5
1997 Saleen Mustang S-351 Production Numbers
• Coupe - 21
• Convertible - 19
1998 Saleen Mustang S-281 Production Numbers
• Coupe - 59
• Cobra Coupe - 14
• Convertible - 91
• Cobra Convertible - 21
• SA-15 - 10
1998 Saleen Mustang S-351 Production Numbers
• Coupe - 10
• Convertible - 12
1999-2004 Saleen Mustang
In 1999 Ford Motor Company introduced a new body style called the “New Edge” look to the Mustang. The Saleen Mustang remained the same using the new body style. Production numbers were up with 418 Saleen Mustangs produced in 1999. The power ratings and trim lines were the same as with the SN95 body style.

2000 brought changes to the Saleen power plant wise, but were not looked as positive changes from Saleen and Mustang enthusiasts as it was the first year since 1993 where there was no S-351 offered. The S-281 was the only model offered, and with 365 horsepower. 2001 would follow the same trend, and with only the variations of the S-281 offered, sales numbers were way up. However, with the introduction of the 2002 Saleen models, horsepower junkies had their prayers answered with the release of the S-281 E (extreme). There were 54 S-281E’s made, and with 425 horsepower, they were no S-351, but they were very healthy, and were a welcome entry to the Saleen lineup.

2003 was another big year for Saleen and it was commemorated with the SA-20. It was an S-281 with some minor upgrades to increase the power output to 375 horsepower, and it received some of the appearance items of the Extreme models, such as the rear wing and fascia. There were ten SA-20s made, all convertibles, and all pearl white with white 5-spoke 18 inch wheels. One of them was custom ordered with an automatic, and the rest were 5-speed manual transmissions. The S-281 and S-281E models were still offered, building 365 and 425 horsepower respectively.

2004 was similar to the 2003 year in regards to the models offered by Saleen, with the S-281 and S-281E making their returns with the same engine offerings and appearance packages. This would be the final year for the New Edge body style, and the following year would bring about a totally new platform. The production numbers by trim line were as follows:
2004 Saleen Mustang S-281 Production Numbers
• Coupe - 183
• Cobra Coupe - 8
• Convertible - 170
• Cobra Convertible - 12
2004 Saleen Mustang S-351 Production Numbers
• Coupe - 19
• Convertible - 26

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 29, 2009 3:37 pm 
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Great info Paul! Is there a reference book available that chronicles the Saleen Mustangs?

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Great info. Is there a source to find out the production numbers for somewhat limited Mustangs, not necessarily rare?

I'm interested in finding out how many 2000 Mustang GT Convertibles in the color of Sunburst Gold were produced.

 Post subject: Re: Production Numbers of Rare Mustangs and Saleens
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Fifty 1972 Olympic Sprint convertibles (only sold in MD, VA and DC).

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